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Shipyard Competent Person

8-Hour Refresher Course | In-Person 


All classes will run from 8AM to 5PM and will include a 1 hour break for lunch

Shipyard Competent Person 8-Hour Refresher Course

April 3

May 8

June 3

July 17

August 7

September 11

October 30

December 4









Shipyard Competent Person Initial Course

January 15-17

May 28-30

October 8-10

Monday -Wednesday




13475 Atalantic Blvd. Unit8-M869

Jacksonville, Florida 32225

About This Course

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will have been provided the updated information necessary to: - Recognize and describe various hazards in shipyard environments, including fire and explosion risks, toxic materials, and confined space dangers. - Evaluate and measure hazards using appropriate instrumentation, understanding the operation, maintenance, and calibration of safety equipment. - Implement hazard prevention, control, and elimination strategies in accordance with OSHA's 29 CFR 1915 and NFPA 306 standards. - Effectively interact with NFPA-certified Marine Chemists and fulfill the responsibilities of a competent person. - Apply practical skills in ventilation, respiratory protection, ignition source control, and fire watch requirements. - Conduct thorough recordkeeping and issue certifications as per safety and regulatory standards. - Successfully complete a practical examination, demonstrating proficiency in shipyard safety practices.

Resources and Materials

All necessary books will be provided in the classroom.


The 8-hour course is a focused session covering: Updated Hazard Description and Recognition: Latest terms, theories, and chemistry relevant to shipyard safety. Hazard Evaluation and Measurement Revisited: Review and hands-on training with the latest instruments and technologies. Reinforced Hazard Prevention, Control, and Elimination: Updates on regulations, safety designations, and best practices.


To ensure the highest standards of learning and compliance, the following policies apply to this course: - Attendance: Full participation in all three days of training is mandatory to qualify for the examination. - Examination: A comprehensive examination will be conducted at the end of the course to assess the participants' understanding and application of the course material. - Training Certificate: Shall be issued upon successful completion of the course and passing the final examination. - Payment: Certificates will be issued once we recieve payment for the course.

2024 Class Schedule & Location

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Stay ahead in your field by updating your skills and knowledge with our specialized 8-hour refresher course. Designed for professionals committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and compliance in the shipyard industry, this course is your opportunity to ensure your certification remains current and your practices align with the latest standards. Register now to keep your expertise sharp and your contributions to workplace safety invaluable.

Course Description

This concise yet comprehensive refresher course revisits the critical aspects of the Shipyard Competent Person responsibilities, including hazard recognition, evaluation, and control, with an updated curriculum that reflects the latest changes to standards and policies. It's an essential update to reinforce your knowledge base, refresh your skills, and ensure your knowledge and training requirements remain current. This course satisfies the requirements for NAVSEA Standard Item and US Coast Guard annual update training requirements.


This course will take place over the course of one 8-Hour day.

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